Marcelo Rojas

Originally coming from the La Boca neighborhood, Marcelo Rojas is nowadays one of the best Dj's in the world of tango. Being a reference for dj's / musicalizadores Marcelo has performed in Buenos Aires Milongas as well as other major milongas all over the world. He is also known for his work at "2 x 4 Radio" - the official tango radio of Buenos Aires and for organising the legendary milonga “Confitería Ideal”. His musical taste and sensibility manage to transport his audience directly to Buenos Aires.

Gaston Godoy

Gaston Godoy has over 10 years' experience as a Tango Dj in the milonga "The Heart Milonga" Sevilla, milonga that takes place every Wednesday and is one of the oldest milongas in Seville. He has participated also as a Dj in the Workshop Milonga Sevilla festival, Meeting of Tango in Murcia, Tango Meeting in Tallinn (Estonia), Desafio DJ Tango Meeting Málaga, Fire Festival Kazan Night (Russia), Oviedo milonguero (Oviedo), Meeting Tango Tanger (Morocco), among others.

Roque Castellano

His proposals come from the passion and the pursuit that never run out. One of the basic rules that characterises his musical choices is the attention he gives to the energy of the ballroom. His musical selections have ignited the dancefloors in many places worldwide, by precision and emotional component.

António Alberto

Antonio Alberto is the organiser and Dj of one of the oldest Milongas in Oporto, first "Milonga das Antas" and currently "Milonga La Porteñita".

His Tango passion has done a lot for this community.
He is one of the most acclaimed and beloved DJ's of the Festival.

Marta Silvestre

As a DJ, her main goal is to encourage people to dance and dance, all night long. She loves to share the joy of this experience: seeing a room full of people dancing, having fun even during cortinas and the electric energy of the room. Assumed as a D’Arienzo addict, she plays mainly “the good ones” of the Golden Age and likes to see the dance floor ‘on fire’ all the time. She has played at some international events, like ‘Milonga des 4 Saisons’. In Portugal, she played at ‘Lisbon International Tango Festival’, ‘Oporto International Tango Festival’ and ‘Lisbon TUGA Tango Marathon’. Currently and for several years already, she is resident DJ at a weekly emblematic milonga ‘La Galeria Ideal’ in Oporto and, occasionally, at some national milongas.

Joel Silva

Joel started dancing Tango in 2008. Tango history and music inspired him to learn more about the culture of Tango. Getting to know more about the music naturally led him to become a DJ in 2010. Since then he has been playing at several international events.

Mario Giattino

A tango lover since 2006. In fact, before being a tango dj, he is a tango dancer and this makes him very sensitive to what dancers like. He is a fan of Marcelo Rojas and started with him studying muzicalization. He started playing in his own city, Turin, and now works in several places in Europe. To create the so-called "buena onda", he loves to mix tandas with different styles and different levels of energy, but always watching people on and out the dance floor, feeling their energy, because a milonga should be a fun place for everyone, and this is just his ultimate goal.