chicho and juana

Juana Sepulveda and Chicho Frumboli

Mariano Frumboli, also known as Chicho, has undoubtedly played the main role in the creative evolution of Tango in the last 15 years. He is renowned worldwide for his personality, musicality and creativity. He teaches with love and talent, combined with a profound understanding of the dance. His classes are a must for those who are just approaching Tango, as well as for experienced dancers. His dancing is characterized above all by musicality and improvisation. In a unique way, he expresses the essence of the music in his dancing. In his teaching, he emphasises being conscious of the body’s movement. Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli, works as a musician, composer, actor, artist, teacher and Tango dancer. Chicho has given the world of Tango one of the greatest gifts that an artist could ever give: his continuous questioning, his endless search, his quest for originality and his full-hearted creativity.

Juana Sepulveda, who is one of the youngest-born stars in the tango sky, spans the entire range of expression with an innovative subtlety and a stunning manifestation of power in every movement. All this blended with her unswerving musicality and pure sensuality. With over 15 years of Tango experience, with great technique, musicality and charisma, today Juana is one of the role models as a Tango dancer. She devotes her time touring the world to transmit her art and experience. Juana and Chicho have been dance partners since 2007. Together they form a unique duo on stage as well as in their teaching classes, seminars and workshops at festivals and major schools in the world. It is with great honour that we welcome them once again for this intense seminar!


Carolina Giannini and Leo Di Cocco

Carolina and Leonel’s dance combine sensuality, elegance and virtuosity. The magic and the ethereal are combined with discipline and passion, achieving art. Tango emerged in their lives after different disciplines of dance, like ballet, jazz and contemporary. In tango they  learnt with the most outstanding teachers in the world. Their passion for tango and the knowledge of this art led them to a demanding search for experience and improvement as dancers, teachers and milongueros. Working a 100% tango method in their classes they provide a modern fusion in their performances. During their professional career they were part of different renowned companies, such as “Tango Pasión”, “Tango Fire”, “Midnight Tango”. Carolina had the opportunity to be the first figure in “Tango Inferno” on her tour in Australia, Singapore and the United States. Leonel, on the other hand, was the main dancer of “Tango Moderno” in the United Kingdom together with the TV stars show “Strictly comes dancing”. Now they are all over the world in festivals and events of great relevance.


Carina Lucca and Leo Mosqueda

After extensive artistic training in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance and a long career as individual dancers, Carina and Leonardo, began a new life as professional Argentine Tango and Folklore dancers in 1999.
Ex-members of some of the most important Argentine companies, they have shared the stage with renowned musicians such as Mariano Mores, Rodolfo Mederos and his Orquesta Tipica, Raul Carnota, Franco Luciani and Facundo Guevara, among others.
They have also participated in international Tango festivals in Nice (France), Alicante, San Sebastian, Seville, Sada, Porto.


Selva Mastroti and Marcelo Ramer

Selva and Marcelo were born in Cordoba, Argentina and they started their artistic training with Argentine folk dance and classical dance. They discovered Argentine Tango during adolescence in Buenos Aires and learned with many masters who have taught them, above all, the love and respect for this dance.
Being a couple for 14 years, they have worked for companies and festivals and have never stopped studying to perfect their style. Currently Selva and Marcelo live in Turin.
Their lessons are taught with passion: they love to convey their knowledge with freshness, spontaneity and simplicity. Starting from the deepest roots of Tango, they go through all its facets, teach basic techniques to movements both simple and complex without neglecting the musicality and harmony in the couple dance.
They are internationally recognised and requested for their fruitful form of teaching that makes the learning journey for the student easier, funnier and richer in stimuli.


Laura Atienza and Gaston Godoy

Very elegant dancers, Laura and Gaston show us a Tango full of tradition, quality, expressiveness and joy. After many years implementing Tango in Andalusia, they are now the soul of dance, and their work is reflected in their school, milonga, WMS Festival in Seville and Generacion Tango Dance Company. Their value is recognised far beyond Andalusia, and we can find them in many festivals and Tango meetings all over Europe.


Giselle Gatica and Roque Castellano

Having a complete formation which makes them multidisciplinary, Giselle and Roque are a young and talented couple of dancers, with an intense artistic trajectory.
Both Argentinian, they took their first steps in dance at a very early age. They completed their training and began their professional activity in Buenos Aires.
They enhanced their knowledge and experience by developing a personal style that preserves the typical Tango “milonguero” but is also enrichened with elements from New Tango. A pure style full of elegance, dynamics and pauses that interpret a sense of embrace, sealing the movement in the delicacy of their feet.
As teachers they value the importance of being sensitive to the music, to the embrace, to the step and to space. They work improvisation, projection, interpretation and musicality, characteristic elements and with which the student creates a personal and passionate dance.
They are a very complete dance couple who always surprises and amazes in their shows. In 2006 they arrived in Spain, where they currently live. Since then they have conquered the affection and respect of students and public in general. With their art and teaching, they have toured theatres, milongas and Tango festivals all over the world and now they are with us.


Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto

Isabel and Nelson have been performing together since 1997. They began their career as ballroom sport dancers winning several awards at national championships, in the categories Latin-American and Modern. As they also loved other rhythms like Salsa and Argentine Tango, they decided to take the challenge of getting quality training with worldwide famous directors.
Top masters and dancers, currently they are choreographers and directors of “Ritmo Azul”, a worldwide renowned company. Isabel and Nelson’s career shows successful participations in international festivals and workshops held in Nice, Stuttgart, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Finland, Macau, Beijing and Hong Kong.

They keep organising many Tango events in Portugal. In July 2011 they won the European 2nd position for the “Stage Tango” category in Italy, a competition held under the auspices of the Buenos Aires Government. They were also ranked best Portuguese couple and the 2nd best couple of Europe at the 2011 World Tango Championship.

Highly appreciated for their pedagogy and didactics, they teach clearly and in a relaxed atmosphere.