Milongueros All Aboard Porto Tango Festival

From 25th to 28th November 2021 

Porto - Portugal


Tango Festival

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Juana Sepulveda and Chicho Frumboli
Juana Sepulveda
Chicho Frumboli
Porto Tango Festival  Milongueros All Aboard
Giselle Gatica
Roque Castellano
Porto Tango Festival  Milongueros All Aboard
Isabel Costa
Nelson Pinto
Marcelo Rojas


Carolina Giannini and Leonel Di Cocco


Porto Tango Festival  Milongueros All Aboard


Porto Tango Festival  Milongueros All Aboard


Porto Tango Festival  Milongueros All Aboard


Special Guests

Pedro Ferreira


Marcelo di Renzo

Di Rienzo

Marcelo di Renzo


Affordable Festival

Down-to-earth prices, great offer of low-cost flights, all possible types of accommodation and wide variety of food, make it a wonderful and affordable Tango holiday opportunity.

We want to offer you a event to live a unique, friendly and unforgettable experience with us!

6 Amazing Milongas

A new emotion every night!
Discover our milongas in a beautiful place, with graet music, stunning shows and
a magical atmosphere, where everyone is welcome!

learning experiences
  • chicho e juana no festival de tango do porto all aboard
  • festival de tango do porto milongueros all aboard com chicho e juana na aula
  • isabel e nelson pinto no festival de tango all aboard
  • roque castellano e giselle gatica no festival de tango milongueros all aboard
  • aula de tango no festival all aboard com isabel e nelson
  • classe de tecnica com roque e giselle no festival de tango all aboard

Several seminars dedicated to a single topic in a relaxed atmosphere with worldwide renowned teachers.

Tango, is a dance in constant evolution, the MAATF prepares for you a varied of seminars for all types of interest and levels of dancers.

Pic Nic Around the World

A new emotion every night!
This picnic is a opportunity to share the gastronomy and culture from the participants.
A moment to relax after several hours of dance.

  • show tango douro no festival de tango milongueros all aboard com roque e giselle
  • chicho e juana no festival alla aboard porto tango
  • show no festival de tango no milongueros all aboard professores de tango
  • roque e giselle no show da milonga no festival de tango all aboard
  • tecnica de tango com isabel costa e nelson pinto no festival tando do porto

Be ready to be amazed. This magical night filled with the creativity and talent of the Festival’s maestros  surprises our guests every year. It is one of the main highlights of the event and you will not want to miss it!!! 

  • pedro ferreira com fado no festival de tango porto all aboard
  • pedro ferreira no festival tango do porto all aboard com fado
  • grande noite de fado no festival de tango do porto all aboard

This Festival would not be perfect without complementing it with the excellent Portuguese gastronomy and folkloric traditions. This year we have created the opportunity to listen to Fado and watch the typical Portuguese dances.

All the activities will be hosts in - HERANÇA MAGNA - with more than 1500 m2 is equipped with all the safety and hygiene features and is approved by the DGS and Turismo de Portugal with the distinction of Safe & Clean and Safe Travel.

We are in love by Tango and the amazing city of Porto and we believe you can be, too!

And now it comes back, because we refuse to give up fighting for tango.

Tango for all, in an ideal combination of tourism and relaxation. Surrounded by history and the great gastronomy of the city, this event is designed to turn some of your tandas into a precious gift of inspiration.

Milongueros All Aboard brings together world-class reference artists and teachers, with their own approaches to this culture, but with close friendship. This allows everyone the possibility to learn and to be entertained, regardless of whether you are a amateur or a professional in this area.

This festival promotes the cultural exchange of experiences among people from all around the world. This exchange, at a national and international level, is our way to expand and renew Tango as a Human Heritage.

The Festival is held annually in Gaia-Porto (Portugal), during the month of November. The hosts, promoters and organisers of the event are the dancers and teachers Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto.

MAATF started in 2012 and this love has been growing every year with the help of all participants, volunteers and artists. The event gained knowledge and maturity and we can now offer a Festival that goes beyond borders and welcome Tango in the incomparable framework of this beautiful city of Porto.

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