6 night fever - fabian salas - tango argentino


The 7th Night Fever was dedicated to tangueiros, with a super interview with Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz. Tango has a very important space in our school, not only because there are many Tango classes there, but because throughout the year we organize numerous events for national and international milongueiros, namely the Milongueros All Aboard Tango Festival.

This time we had the opportunity to chat with this pair that is a landmark in the world Tango, and it was spectacular. Lola Diaz and Fabian Salas were charming and completely available to our audience, answering all the questions they were asked.

Fabian took us to the roots of Tango Nuevo and shared very interesting moments in its history. With their eyes on the future of Tango, they told us about all the projects, including the online championship. And who knows, you can participate !!!!!

If you didn’t have the chance to watch it live, don’t miss it now!

This is amazing! I have to share it:

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