About Milongueros All Aboard

Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto tango dancers, tanhgo teachers and hosts of Milongueros All Aboard Tango Festival

We are very happy to celebrate the 12th edition of Milongueros All Aboard. And we count on your energy to make everything perfect!

The Festival brings together world-class reference artists and teachers, with their own approaches to this culture. This allows everyone the possibility to learn and to be entertained, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional in this area.

This event promotes the cultural exchange of experiences among people from all around the world. This exchange, at a national and international level, is our way to expand and renew Tango as a Human Heritage.

The Festival is held annually in Gaia-Porto (Portugal), during the month of November. The hosts, promoters and organisers of the event are the dancers and teachers Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto.

MAATF started in 2011 as professional training for Portuguese Tango teachers, but we soon realised that the event had to be offered to all tangueros regardless of their level or experience. Having gained knowledge and maturity throughout these years, we can today offer a Festival that goes beyond borders and welcome Tango in the incomparable framework of this beautiful city of Porto.

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