10th Milongueros All Aboard – 24 to 27 NOV 2022

We are very happy to celebrate the 10th Milongueros All Aboard – Porto Tango Festival This November will be even better!!! It will be a super dance event, with everything you are used to and the opportunity to stay in a SPA Hotel in the historic center and 50 meters from the milongas. This makes it easier to enjoy the …

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milonga da tarde na plaza central do wow no festival de tango do porto milongueros all aboard

Dancing at sunset…

What better program than dancing at sunset? At Milongueros All Aboard – Porto Tango Festival, there are dozens of hours of milongas, in magnificent and very varied places. On this summer afternoon we had the opportunity to dance outdoors, with stunning views over Porto, watching the sunset, and Tango was relaxed, fun, familiar and fresh! We create new memories and …

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Chicho and Joana seminar

Chicho and Juana – seminar

La vida puede ser intensa, con proposito, simple y emocionante. Y el Tango puede ser un vehículo para lograr todo esto. Estas imágenes forman parte de un trabajo muy particular, desarrollado por Chicho y Juana. En un contexto inmersivo, este ejercicio busca, de forma individual y en pareja, encontrar emociones para poder bailar de una forma más comprometida. Y así …

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Pablo Inza is entreview by Isabel Costa e Nelson Pinto


Pablo Inza started dancing tango in 1992 with amateur milongueiros and renowned teachers. He participated as a dancer and choreographer in numerous tango shows in Argentina and abroad. Since 1999 he has been invited to teach and perform at the most prestigious festivals. He was director of several shows, producer and artistic director of Cambalache and also one of the …

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Cecilia Berra began her career as a tango dancer in 1998 and as a teacher in 2001. She has been trained in different disciplines such as contemporary dance, circus, and contact improvisation. Her learning in Tango was led by great teachers and in the evolution of his own Tango she has gone through different styles and techniques. Her current partner …

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Pancho Martinez Pey is intrviewed by Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto

85th Night Fever – Pancho Martinez Pey

Pancho Martinez Pey is already a legend after so many performances, shows, seminars and trials. He has been a professor of dance at the University of Tango UNA since 2012. Known around the world for his elegance and virtuosity, he has made incredible partnerships with incredible dancers. He is a dancer with a very complete training that you will be …

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83rd Night Fever – Johana Copes

Sunday we received Johana Copes in an interview that will surely gather the biography of a phenomenal dancer with the history of Tango. We are counting on you, as always live on the Facebook page of Milongueros All Aboard – tango Festival or on our Youtube channel. El domingo recibimos a Johana Copes en una entrevista que seguramente recogerá la …

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Carla is Uruguayan, Gaspar is Argentine, they are an example of the culture of the Mar de la Plata. Together they dazzle audiences around the world. Next Sunday they will share with us the secret of their success. Don’t miss this live interview on Milongueros All Aboard’s Facebook or on our Youtube channel. Carla es uruguaya, Gaspar es argentino, son un ejemplo de la …

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Claudio Gonzalez is interviewed by portuguese tango dancers - Isabel Costa and Nelosn Pinto


Claudio Gonzalez, great Argentine dancer, whose technical skill and artistic versatility are difficult to find, considered one of the engines in the development of Argentine tango on stage, charismatic and with an incredible artistic presence. We will be able to learn more on our Night Fever, live on the Milongueros All Aboard – Tango Festival facebook page or on our Youtube channel. We’re wainting …

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Tango dancers Mariano Otero e Alejandra Heredia are interviewed by portuguese tango dancer Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto


Mariano Otero and Alejandra Heredia are dancers, choreographers, teachers of Tango and Argentine folklore. They are incredibly creative, surprising and always innovating. We are very excited to be able to welcome you and share their stories with all of you. This Sunday you will not want to miss another fantastic Night Fever live on the Milongueros All Aboard – Tango …

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