desarrollar tu creatividad en la danza

Creatividad en la danza

¿Quieres desarrollar tu creatividad en la danza? Nosotros podamos ayudarte. La danza es un medio y también una excusa para desarrollar nuestra dimensión como seres humanos, independientemente de la edad, profesión o cualquier otra característica. La creatividad es fundamental para solucionar cualquier problema sin importar su grado de dificultad. A menudo la gente dice “no tengo creatividad”, como si fuera …

This is amazing! I have to share it:
tango teachers Isabel Costa e Nelson Pinto


AND THIS IS SO GOOD !!! For many years everything that Tango has provided us with gain (and even before) we invested in its entirety, in our training. Training that continues, as it should be in any profession. In this endless, challenging and enriching journey, we indiscriminately consume all types of Tango, in all types of support, style or interlocutors. …

This is amazing! I have to share it:
oblivion-em-época-de-confinamento-dançado por isabel costa e nelson pinto


In a time of confinement, a musician, a pair of dancers and a videographer joined in a multidisciplinary artistic project that aims to celebrate the love for life, for others and for their art. Samuel Maia, professional musician, with over 60 concerts canceled due to the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, challenged Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto dancers and …

This is amazing! I have to share it: