10th Milongueros All Aboard – 24 to 27 NOV 2022

We are very happy to celebrate the 10th Milongueros All Aboard – Porto Tango Festival This November will be even better!!! It will be a super dance event, with everything you are used to and the opportunity to stay in a SPA Hotel in the historic center and 50 meters from the milongas. This makes it easier to enjoy the …

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milonga da tarde na plaza central do wow no festival de tango do porto milongueros all aboard

Dancing at sunset…

What better program than dancing at sunset? At Milongueros All Aboard – Porto Tango Festival, there are dozens of hours of milongas, in magnificent and very varied places. On this summer afternoon we had the opportunity to dance outdoors, with stunning views over Porto, watching the sunset, and Tango was relaxed, fun, familiar and fresh! We create new memories and …

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Chicho and Joana seminar

Chicho and Juana – seminar

La vida puede ser intensa, con proposito, simple y emocionante. Y el Tango puede ser un vehículo para lograr todo esto. Estas imágenes forman parte de un trabajo muy particular, desarrollado por Chicho y Juana. En un contexto inmersivo, este ejercicio busca, de forma individual y en pareja, encontrar emociones para poder bailar de una forma más comprometida. Y así …

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70th Night Fever – Gastón Torelli

Gastón Torelli combines temperament and sensitivity, which led him to be one of the most prestigious tango dancers today. He exhibits a great capacity to interpret, not only in improvisation, but also on stage. He has run the world with his tango. Do not miss the next Night Fever on Sunday night live on the Milongueros All Aboard – Tango …

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33rd Night Fever – interview to Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella

Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella are an extraordinary pair of dancers. Passionate and expressive, they explore all the possibilities of Tango and are a contemporary inspiration for the entire tango community, not just the queer one, with its elegant and vibrant approach. This Sunday, the 27th, at 9 pm (PT) on the page of the Milongueros All Aboard – Tango …

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Olga Besio Tango Interview to portuguese tango dancers Isabel Costa e Nelson Pinto

28th Night Fever – interview with Olga Besio

Olga Besio has a valuable mix of didactics, experience and knowledge of classical dance and tango. Throughout her career, with almost thirty years of practice, she has stood out as an educator, dancer, choreographer and director of dance groups. She formed Tango con Niños (Tango with Children). His own children, Ariadna and Federico Naveira, were trained in this group. An …

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Milongueros All Aboard MAESTROS INTERVIEW


A Festival with 8 year old has many stories, many artists and many hundreds of participants. The next Night Fever is dedicated to a significant group of artists who have made each edition of Milongueros All Aboard special. Discover the most special moments, the most rewarding, the most fun or even the most stressful.Sunday May 24th at 8:00 pm in Porto in Milongueros …

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6 night fever - fabian salas - tango argentino


The 7th Night Fever was dedicated to tangueiros, with a super interview with Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz. Tango has a very important space in our school, not only because there are many Tango classes there, but because throughout the year we organize numerous events for national and international milongueiros, namely the Milongueros All Aboard Tango Festival. This time we …

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Who is Pepa Palazon? We all know that she is the organizer of one of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires, and of course the very famous interviews with prominent tangueros on youtube and Patreon ”Tengo Una Pregunta Para Vos”. But who is she really? We, as a Tango school, will create the opportunity for You to discover and …

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