Interview with the tango dancer Dana Frigoli by Milongueros All Aboard Tango Festival

24th Night Fever – interview with Dana Frigoli

Dancer, choreographer and teacher. Dana Frigoli is a multifaceted and sensitive artist, known all over the world for her extensive and intense journey.

She created a unique technique called TTC (Conceptual Tango Technology), which allowed other dancers to find a way to develop their own tango, understanding the functioning of the opposite energies in the body, using this internal understanding, to achieve a greater connection. In 2005, she created DNI Tango, a school, company and tango shop with his own identity.

An interview not to be missed this Sunday, July 26th at 9pm (Portugal time) on the Milongueros All Aboard Tango Festival facebook.

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If you didn’t have the opportunity to see it live, you can’t miss the entire interview here:

This is amazing! I have to share it:

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