Marcelo Rojas

Marcelo Rojas is nowadays one of the best Dj's in the world of tango. Being a reference for dj's / musicalizadores Marcelo has performed in Buenos Aires Milongas as well as other major milongas all over the world. He is also known for his work at "2 x 4 Radio" His musical taste and sensibility manage to transport his audience directly to Buenos Aires.

Gaston Godoy

Gaston Godoy has over 10 years experience as a Tango Dj, he begins at "The Heart Milonga" Sevilla, but already conquered the world!
With numerous fans, he is an ace playing with vinyl. Not only the music is extraordinary for dancing, but is performance is also an act of entertainment.


With more than twenty years of experience as a Tango Dj, is been playing only  at the greatest events on European. Always connected to the public, SuperSabino is known for his excellent musical taste and above all, sense of humour.

Mario Sette

He have been dancing since 2009 and started DJing in 2014. Each evening is a world unto itself and should be lived as such. He like to connect with the dance floor, with the dancers and interpret what they need. He love the energy and freedom that Tango can give and try to put strength in the milonga.

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