Marcelo Rojas

Marcelo Rojas is nowadays one of the best Dj's in the world of tango. Being a reference for dj's / musicalizadores Marcelo has performed in Buenos Aires Milongas as well as other major milongas all over the world. He is also known for his work at "2 x 4 Radio" His musical taste and sensibility manage to transport his audience directly to Buenos Aires.

Gaston Godoy

Gaston Godoy has over 10 years experience as a Tango Dj, he begins at "The Heart Milonga" Sevilla, but already conquered the world!
With numerous fans, he is an ace playing with vinyl. Not only the music is extraordinary for dancing, but is performance is also an act of entertainment.

Punto y Branca

Tango-DJ “Punto y Branca” (Jorge Vacca) is one of the most popular and beloved tango DJs in the world. He started his career at the best milongas in Buenos Aires and have been playing tango music for more than 20 years. Now he lives in Milan and DJs on regular milongas round whole Italy, as well as festivals and marathons all over the world. He has an amazing ability to feel the mood of the people on the dance floor and spice up the atmosphere to extremely high level.

Marta Silvestre

As a DJ, her main goal is to encourage people to dance and dance, all night long. She loves to share the joy of this experience: seeing a room full of people dancing, having fun even during cortinas and the electric energy of the room. Assumed as a D’Arienzo addict, she plays mainly “the good ones” of the Golden Age and likes to see the dance floor ‘on fire’ all the time. She is playing all over europe in very well known Tango events.

António Alberto

Antonio Alberto is the organiser and Dj of one of the oldest Milongas in Oporto, first “Milonga das Antas” and currently “Milonga La Porteñita”. His Tango passion has done a lot for this community.
He is one of the most acclaimed and beloved DJ’s of the Festival.

Carlos Peralta

He was born in Buenos Aires from a milonguera family and began from the five years to walk
to the rhythm of 2x4 Tango.
Working in the organization in different festivals in Argentina, Italy, Spain and Portugal,
begins to pass music in nightclubs, DJ-Disco, private parties, program of Radio Province of
Buenos Aires. Currently he plays music at his Milonga El Cabeceo in Austria.
He is immersed in traditional tango, especially in emotional and rhythmic orchestras. Always
try to create a good atmosphere on the dance floor and get the milongueros to enjoy to the
fullest in a milonguero abrazo.

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