Ribeira do Porto
Porto - cidade

How to arrive

By metro to Porto


Porto Airport, have a simple, quick and easy Metro system. 

Every 20 minutes, there's a train going to the city. The journey to the hotel takes about 40 minutes.

First buy your Andante ticket from one of the 4 ticket machines (all have English instructions), the cost of a single journey is 2.45€ and that includes the 0.60€ rechargeable Andante card. The machines take both coins and notes and give change. Most machines also take credit and debit cards.

The official website www.metrodoporto.pt has maps of the network etc. 

ADVICE - do not forget to validate your ticket before starting your journey (yellow machines at the base of the escalators + others on the platform). There is a 95€ fine if you do not have a valid ticket.

You can also use UBER


By bus to Porto

Porto - cidade 2
Porto has five main bus terminals, used by the various different companies. Some can be a little bit hard to find!

REDE-EXPRESSOS is the largest network of long distance buses in Portugal. They use a terminal building at Batalha, Rua Alexandre Herculano.

RENEX, another major operator, has its terminal at Campo Martires da Patria. There is no metro station anywhere closeby but the area is served by many city buses.

By Train to Porto

Main line trains eg from Lisbon arrive/depart at Porto Campanhã station. And you can take the metro from there.  Alternatively, you can arrived at Devesas station and taxis are readily available to take you to the hotel.
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