oblivion-em-época-de-confinamento-dançado por isabel costa e nelson pinto


In a time of confinement, a musician, a pair of dancers and a videographer joined in a multidisciplinary artistic project that aims to celebrate the love for life, for others and for their art.

Samuel Maia, professional musician, with over 60 concerts canceled due to the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, challenged Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto dancers and Tango teachers, also with their school closed and their tour canceled, to dance to a theme played by itself. However, the desire to do what they love most and the conviction that they can contribute a little so that everyone evades adversity and keeps hope for a better future, led them to invite another artist to join the team. Rui Cardoso, photographer and videographer, also with his professional activity very conditioned for several months, and an aficionado of these arts, he made and produced the film.

The process was not conventional given the circumstances experienced in this time of confinement but it proved to be very rewarding for everyone. The chosen musical work was “Oblivion”, composed by Astor Piazzolla in 1982 and music from the film “Henrique IV” directed by Marco Bellocchio in 1984. “Oblivion”, or forgetfulness, is the poetic term that designates this painful reality, in which nobody wants to stay with the social distance.

This is amazing! I have to share it:

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