Jose Fernandez, campeon del mundo de tango es entrevistado por Isabel Costa y Nelson Pinto

64th Night Fever – Jose Fernandez

José Fernández, muy conocido por nuestro público por los innumerables eventos en los que ya ha participado aquí, será nuestro entrevistado. Bailarín, campeón del mundo, director y coreógrafo, tiene un camino muy rico que podremos descubrir. Este domingo, en facebook de Milongueros All Aboard – Tango Festival queda te con nosotros. José Fernández, well known to our audience for the …

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tango interview to Adrian Veredice and Alejandra Hobert by portuguese tango dancers - Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto

34th Night Fever – interview to Adrian Veredice and Alejandra Hobert

Adrian Veredice e Alejandra Hobert are the next guests of the 34th Night Fever. Directors, choreographers and dancers, they are protagonists of the most acclaimed events of this art. Its impressive scenic interpretation and expressive capacity  are recognized worldwide and enthusiastically applauded in theaters and festivals by Argentine Tango aficionados. This Sunday, October 4th, at 9 p.m. (PT) you cannot …

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33rd Night Fever – interview to Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella

Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella are an extraordinary pair of dancers. Passionate and expressive, they explore all the possibilities of Tango and are a contemporary inspiration for the entire tango community, not just the queer one, with its elegant and vibrant approach. This Sunday, the 27th, at 9 pm (PT) on the page of the Milongueros All Aboard – Tango …

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31st Night Fever – interview with Guillermo Peque Barrionuevo and Mariela Sametband

GUILLERMO PEQUE BARRIONUEVO AND MARIELA SAMETBAND have a very particular style, firmly rooted in the teachings of the old milongueros and fused with the most modern knowledge of Tango. Their dance has a unique and totally new form of interpretation, with great humor and virtuosity. Watching them dance is a guarantee of fun and surprise. Another incredible interview not to …

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Guillermina Quiroga's interviwe by the portuguese tango dancer Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto

30th Night Fever – interview with Guillermina Quiroga

Guillermina Quiroga is not only an outstanding dancer, choreographer and teacher, she is also an actress with a long list of well-known titles in her curriculum. She integrated the most famous Tango companies in the world, such as Tango x2, Argentine Tango or Forever Tango. She choreographed Oksana Grishuk y Evgeni Platov Russian skaters who won gold at the world …

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29th Night Fever – interview with Sol Cerquides and Fernando Gracia

Fernando Gracia was the World Scenario Tango Champion in 2007. Together with Sol Cerquides since 2010, they were Metropolitan Tango Champions. They are one of the most popular pairs in the world. They were the main dancers of the prestigious shows ” Esquina Carlos Gardel “,” Tango Metropolis “,” Piazzolla Tango “, etc. Last year, they won the Best Choreography …

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Olga Besio Tango Interview to portuguese tango dancers Isabel Costa e Nelson Pinto

28th Night Fever – interview with Olga Besio

Olga Besio has a valuable mix of didactics, experience and knowledge of classical dance and tango. Throughout her career, with almost thirty years of practice, she has stood out as an educator, dancer, choreographer and director of dance groups. She formed Tango con Niños (Tango with Children). His own children, Ariadna and Federico Naveira, were trained in this group. An …

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27th Night Fever – interview with Leo and Eugenia

Leo and Eugenia are world-renowned tango dancers, choreographers and teachers. Known for their creativity and cutting edge teaching, they worked in the main cities of the world. They danced with great orchestras and figures like Julio Iglesias, Diego “El Cigala”, Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra, Julio Bocca and Eleonora Casano or the National Tango Orchestra. They also participated in two films in …

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