tango teachers Isabel Costa e Nelson Pinto



For many years everything that Tango has provided us with gain (and even before) we invested in its entirety, in our training. Training that continues, as it should be in any profession. In this endless, challenging and enriching journey, we indiscriminately consume all types of Tango, in all types of support, style or interlocutors. Without prejudice, without dogmas or stigmas, we know hundreds of teachers and artists of the world Tango. We participated in hundreds of events around the world and in particular in Argentina, which nourished our bodies and souls.

We don’t like everything! There were many experiences that taught us what we didn’t like, what we weren’t willing to do, what we didn’t want to transmit in Tango. We were building our dance, little by little, with chameleon changes according to who inspired us most at that moment. Anyway, a more or less slow process of normal and healthy growth, as in any other area. And so, little by little, we mature and developed our tastes and our identity. We found our Tango!


Obviously, for a teacher, this search for knowledge, internal and external, never ends. But now, we favor and repeat more often the conductors and artists who have more alignment with us, not in style, but in Tango.

We have made a great effort to offer the community the opportunity to get to know them and to learn directly from them. In normal times, promoting seminars, festivals, milongas, concerts, books, trips, etc. In COVID times, we continue our mission through our Night Fevers – Alejandra Mantiñan, Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz, German Conejo, Gisela Galeassi, José Fernandez, Martina Waldman, Pepa Palazon, Marcelo Rojas and many others have already passed through there. And you have no idea who will continue to join us in the near future to share their lives and their art.

Stay tuned and nourish the Tango within you!

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